I think Remote learning is hard.

I think Remote learning is awful.You are going to struggle a lot if you can’t figure out something.It will be so much harder at home then at school. You won’t catch up on work you need to finish.

You won’t like it.It will be really hard because you can’t get any help from your teachers.I’ve read about people that do remote learning, and they always saw it as a challenging thing.I mean i’m not wrong because I actually do remote learning on Wednesday – Fridays.  Trust me it is really hard when it comes to new stuff you learn.

Also you can only get help if you join your meeting or join office hours[Meaning one day when you can ask for help when you need it]But you know, one day is not enough.We need everyday help.See this is why I don’t like remote learning.

It’s hard to finish stuff,the reason some people can’t finish work is because they are either not doing their work or because there loud family is making us not concentrate.You can get a low grade and fail your class.You will also get in trouble.